Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thank you!

A special thanks to Easy Street Designs for the donation of $168.02. They put up a donation jar out in their shop. They got together that amount just from loose change dropped in a jar by their customers over the last 2 months. Those pennies and nickels add up and every bit helps! Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2015 Calendars

Order your 2015 calendar today!

  • Quality, full-color calendars printed in Colorado by Easy Street Designs
  • Features Colorado dancers and fitness professionals who have generously volunteered their time and talent 
  • Calendar photography by Denver professional photographer Jon Schow
Only $19.95 per calendar including shipping. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar benefit participating Colorado dance studios and The Meniere’s Project.

Some of our calendar images

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall 2014 Update

We've been quiet for a while due to scheduling and some technical issues, but a whole lot has been going on and we wanted to give you an update!

Paul Jansen is soon to begin his treatment after completing all the necessary preliminaries and testing. During this initial phase, he has already begun having more good days, and the prognosis for the effectiveness of treatment is very hopeful.  We would like to thank each and every one of you who have made this possible with your support thus far.  

The medications that Paul will be continuing to take every month for the next 12-18 months are very expensive, and we have managed to raise enough to get him started and going for a while. However, to make sure he is able to see the treatment through to the end, we are still working to raise funds to get him the rest of the way there.

You can contribute directly to Paul's treatment at the following link:
You Caring - Paul Jansen

Additionally, the dance community of Colorado has been helping with a fundraising calendar to assist with expenses. If you would like to be a part of this calendar (buying ad space, selling calendars, or simply buying one) a link will be posted shortly at www.menieresproject.org.

We thank you for your ongoing interest and support!  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Interview with Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen, a musician with Meniere's Disease, gives insight in to his illness on Denver's Westword Blog.

"There is thought to be a link between neck injuries, migraine headaches and Meniere's. Jansen suffered a major childhood neck injury at the age of two. The disease can often take decades to fully manifest, and its causes are complex and interlinking. Between food allergies and issues like excesses of various minerals and neck displacement, solutions to the problems of Meniere's have eluded conventional medical practice. The disease alters one's sense of space and orientation and motion."

Read more here. 

To contribute to Paul's treatment fund, please see his YouCaring.com site.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Helpful Supplements

The John of Ohio (JOH) Meniere’s Regimen was developed by a biologist and uses over-the-counter supplements to help treat Meniere's symptoms. Many people have found relief of varying degrees by trying this treatment. If you are considering using supplements, please read the following information from John himself.

"Please understand that I am a biologist, not a medical professional of any kind. The information I offer here is for general consideration, not a specific recommendation for the treatment of any disease. Those who elect to undertake this Meniere’s regimen are advised to first gain the approval of their personal medical professional. Most importantly, do not substitute any portion of this regimen for anything prescribed or recommended by a physician or other medical professional. Do not stop taking any prescribed drugs or stop any recommended diet without the prior professional advice of your physician." 

JOH Supplement PDF

MSM is one helpful supplement used by Meniere's patients

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paul's Supplement Regimen

Paul Jansen gives us some insight in to his supplement regime. If you are interested in which supplements he is taking, be sure to wait until the end for the complete list.

The Meniere's Project Youtube Channel

The Meniere's Project has its own Youtube Channel! We have 3 excellent videos up already and Paul Jansen has been busy creating more informative videos about Meniere's Disease. Click here to view the channel and please hit the subscribe button to be the first to see new video postings.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Find us on Facebook!

The Meniere's Project has a page on face. Like our page for the latest news on Meniere's Disease, our latest project information, and a chance to connect with other people interested in finding treatment options.

Click here to go to the Meniere's Project on Facebook

2015 Calendar Ad Rates

Ad rates have been calculated for the Meniere's Project 2015 Calendar.

• 10" x 1" Banner Ad: $55
(Appears at the bottom of the month under the calendar. 12 available)


• 3" x 2.25" Card Ad: $40
(Appears in the body of the calendar on a Sponsor Supporter page. 18 available)


To reserve your ad space, please email menieresproject@gmail.com

Calendar Project Update

The Meniere's Project fundraising calendar is underway. Designer Linda Duffy is already setting up printing files and calendar grids. Photographer Jon Schow has started scheduling photo shoots with our wonderful volunteer dancers and musicians.

We have an order form already developed for those who are participating in sales. Files are posted below. They are print ready if you need them to get started. Promotional material is also in the works and will be posted once we get a few of the photographs in from Jon. More updates will follow with a projected calendar completion date of October 2014.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Effectiveness of the Stephen Spring Protocol

The Meniere's Project's first fundraising project is to help provide Paul Jansen with treatment via the Stephen Spring Protocol. Meniere's is largely believed to be caused by a viral infection in the mucosa affected lymphoid tissue, and the Stephen Spring protocol targets both the infection, and the damage to the immune system that perpetuates it.

What kind of improvement is possible with this protocol? See the chart below to see the hearing improvement experienced by one patient.

Please consider contributing to our efforts to help Paul beat this disease by clicking here.

Thank you!

Fundraiser for Paul Jansen

Help Paul Jansen beat Meniere's Disease

We at the Meniere's Project are the friends of Paul Jansen, a musician and instructor who is now out of work due to Meniere's disease.

Meniere's is a progressive illness of the inner ear that causes hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, balance issues, eye problems, and a host of other problems that make it very difficult for people to function in daily life.

Paul is a very responsible and hard working person, and a talented musician with a great sense of humor.  He has a history of being generous with his time and energy when others have needed him.  In his last job, he took great joy in helping others become the very best they could be.  And he has always enjoyed a challenge.

In 2008, Paul was diagnosed with a tumor that destroyed the hearing and balance on his left side, and caused problems with his left eye. A year later, he had a bone anchored hearing aid implanted, which required surgery on his skull.  Other than a few pictures and stories shared with friends, it was all over quickly. Paul and his wife quietly financed his treatment, and he was promptly back to work after surgery.  We have attached some pictures from these procedures.  As you can see, this is not someone who is easily beaten down by life's tests.

But his diagnosis of Meniere's is one that could easily beat him without your help.

 The illness has begun destroying the hearing and balance on his remaining ear, and has already rendered the bone anchored hearing aid (which relied on his good ear) useless.  He is suffering from severe fatigue and short term memory issues, and is often unable to drive due to the extreme dizziness from Meniere's.  He now has difficulty reading because of the nystagmus it causes that makes his vision blur.

He's unable to pursue his passions, or have much of a professional or social life.  He has begun spending his days trying to advise and educate others who suffer from Meniere's Disease, using his voiceover and performance skills to make informational videos on the illness for the newly diagnosed, even though it takes much more time and energy out of him than it used to.  He is facing extreme disability at an early age, but we know there is so much more left that he can accomplish.

Paul is pursuing a treatment that is experimental, but has been shown to provide very promising among those who have tried it.  Meniere's is largely believed to be caused by a viral infection in the mucosa affected lymphoid tissue, and the treatment targets both the infection, and the damage to the immune system that it causes.  More of the technical details will be shared in updates here and on the webpage and YouTube channel linked below.

The treatment is expensive, and Paul's funds are depleted due to previous medical expenses, which is why he and his friends and family are asking for help.
We know that we are living in very difficult economic times, and there are millions who are struggling. We humbly ask that you consider this campaign.  Any and all donations of any size are greatly appreciated. If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still help tremendously by sharing this campaign so that others may get to know Paul as we do, and help as they can.
See more at:

The Meniere's Project Youtube Channel
Paul's Facebook Page
Paul's Fundraiser Site

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is Meniere's Disease?

This excellent slide show by Paul Jansen explains basic information about Meniere's Disease. Please feel free to share.

Paul is currently raising funds for an experimental Meniere's treatment. If you find this video helpful, please consider contributing to his efforts to beat this disease.

Please help Paul beat Meniere's Disease. Thank you! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Butter bombs

Ever hear of a butter bomb? These tasty little treats can be used for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack. Loaded with healthy fats, it's a great pick me up that wont send you spinning! Look for this and other great recipes in our upcoming cookbook!

Cookbook in the works

One of the most difficult things about a Meniere's Disease diagnosis learning that dietary changes are critical. Since food has a big impact on Meniere's symptoms, it's a very important treatment aspect. The Meniere's Project is currently working on a cookbook featuring low sodium/low inflammation recipes that are loaded with flavor and nutrition. Here is a quick shot of one of our snack recipes - roasted red pepper humus. Subscribe to get further updates.