Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Helpful Supplements

The John of Ohio (JOH) Meniere’s Regimen was developed by a biologist and uses over-the-counter supplements to help treat Meniere's symptoms. Many people have found relief of varying degrees by trying this treatment. If you are considering using supplements, please read the following information from John himself.

"Please understand that I am a biologist, not a medical professional of any kind. The information I offer here is for general consideration, not a specific recommendation for the treatment of any disease. Those who elect to undertake this Meniere’s regimen are advised to first gain the approval of their personal medical professional. Most importantly, do not substitute any portion of this regimen for anything prescribed or recommended by a physician or other medical professional. Do not stop taking any prescribed drugs or stop any recommended diet without the prior professional advice of your physician." 

JOH Supplement PDF

MSM is one helpful supplement used by Meniere's patients

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